Instagiouz Media helps businesses in the music industry build online communities.


Online communities are groups of people connecting with each other online based on a shared interest. Instagiouz Media builds communities where your brand is the shared interest! With the right community management, you can trigger the inter-human desire to be part of a tribe. Instagiouz Media can help you find and nurture your tribe, so you can focus on building your business.

Online communities also help with:

- User acquisition, as users prefer communities over brands.

- Populating a platform or marketplace with content, goods or services by your community members.

- Deeping user retention and loyalty through connecting with your brand and other users.

- Getting feedback and insights by your core audience to improve your product.

- Improving user success stories, as your community members can help each other to become more successful at using your product.


SONIC LAB | music production community

discord server | on behalf of Instagiouz Media | 2023 - present

Sonic Lab is a continuation of the Metapop project under our own wings. It's a Discord server focussed on music production, music education but most of all community. In this server we run challenges, talk about music production, share tips and give feedback on each others tracks. Within the first month, we're gained over 1000 members and became a public community on the Discord platform. We are currently in the process of becoming an official Discord Partner. Visit the Sonic Lab here.


online platform + social media + newsletter | on behalf of Native Instruments | 2020 - 2023

Metapop was a platform owned by Native Instruments focussed on connecting musicians and helping them improve their skill through challenges, remix competitions and collaboration opportunities. Instagiouz Media has been involved with Metapop for over 3 years and has been responsible for various campaigns, social media and community management as well as their online newsletter. In 2023 the project got sunset due to a change in leadership and vision within the parent company Soundwide.

Levi’s Music Project

discord server | on behalf of Levi Strauss & Co. in collaboration with Imprint Projects | 2022

Imprint Projects developed the Levi’s Music Project with Levi’s global brand marketing team to filling a void in music education and develop levi’s credibility within music culture. Prior to 2021, Levi’s Music Project relied on in-person activation in artists’ hometowns, due to the global pandemic in 2019 this was no longer possible and therefor Imprint created a Discord server. Instagiouz Media helped Imprint Projects navigate the world of online community management.

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